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Hot as Hades

May 28, 2010

This was the most clothes I could possibly wear when the temp hit mid 90’s.  Indi is totally giving me the “bitch please,” but that’s ok because she is hot too.  It is also WAY too hot for make-up, hence me being all brooding and mysterious.

Gotta where those hats ladies!  As you can see I am pretty burned in this pictures, I was wearing 30 SPF when I got this burn, I now am using Harper’s 10,000 SPF sunscreen, but still try to stay pretty covered.  Sun protection will have a pretty big roll in my summer blogging and Health page.

I also have to say that I have packed on a few.  You know, the big lbs.  I gained 9 lbs instantly after I stopped nursing, and have actually lost a few since I took these pictures (can you tell how lazy I am being with blogging) but I will be talking about that over on Lowbrow Health, too!

Dress: Roxy $16

Hat: Banana Republic $34

Sandals: H&M?


It’s Happening Again

May 26, 2010

This is my donate bag, I haven’t even begun to address my consignment clothes, I am being more liberal with donating, because honestly, consigning is kind of a pain since nothing can be wrinkled I spend the whole morning washing and ironing to maybe get a couple of dollars a piece if they decide to take it, not really worth it when I can donate clothes to a good cause.  I do have some vintage and expensive pieces that I think I will consign, though I am considering making a page to buy my clothes on this site.  We will see when I get out of my blogging funk.

I am back to making a lot of impulse buys and poor choices.  This is me just being mental.  I have never gone over my budget, but I am just buying poor quality clothes in bulk, sometimes just for the purposes of having new items to post on Lowbrow Style, which is ridiculous beyond words since the point of this blog is to STOP doing this!

I have also been holding onto pregnancy clothes (before and after I was in maternity) and teeny tiny clothes that I believe I will fit into again one day.  Well jokes on that idiot because this chick knows her hips ain’t what they used to be and honestly, neither is my vanity.  Ahh, well, no one is perfect, just gotta be better in the future.

Gone Fishin’

May 24, 2010

I am sure you have noticed I have been slacking on posting.  We have such amazing summers here, but they are crazy busy.  I wake up, feed us, work for a few hours, head off to the beach or the park, come home, change and go to the gym, then its dinner, tubby and sleepy time for all.  It is sometimes pointless to shower until after the gym in the evening, cute clothes aren’t really beach appropriate and I am also finding myself a lot more covered in ketchup and balmex (bum-ex) these days.  I love this blog so I will certainly be back on the ball at some point, but I am feeling like it is a good time for temporary wind down.

To balance my lack of outfit posts I have created some fun pages below my banner, check them out!  I will go into more detail on the pages this week, so stay tunes!

Dress: Marshall’s $12.99

Headband: H&M

Sunglasses: LOFT

Sandals: Ann Klein $24

The Ocean Lawn

May 17, 2010

We are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place, despite that the “Ocean Lawn” is a utopia that many of the locals don’t know about or take advantage of.  It is unbelievable in person.  It takes a quick hike through lush greenery, beautiful ponds and the occasional chipmunk to this:

We headed up here with no intentions of getting a post out of it, but the lighting and scenery was just so lovely, the lighting especially since I am on a no-makeup strike.  We will certainly be bringing little Harper here a lot this summer, it is a great open area where she can run, we can picnic, kick soccer balls and, of course, twirl!

Maxi Dress: Hurley via Marshall’s $16

Cardi: Target $7

Bag: Target $8

Sandals: Ann Klein via Marshall’s $25

Sunglasses: H&M $10?

Surprise Party!

May 14, 2010

I have never seen Gossip Girl but I do cruise Etsy a lot and and there are a lot of bow headbands assoicated with Gossip Girl so I am practically an expert on the subject.  I felt very Gossip Girl in this outfit.  We tried to go out for our monthly Girl’s Night, but sadly our restaurant was closed! Closed, closed!  The drinks were just an excuse to get me out of the house because they were secretly throwing me a Surprise Party!

And then the party started, with some stolen balloons from a party at the bar, to be fair they deserved to be stolen, they are bad to the environment ;), oh and I got fun little presents!

And some much needed water….I have been drinking a bunch of those bad boys today and I actually feel pretty good despite drinking a touch too much for a week night!  Thank you all to my lovely friends and family for a great night!  I always wanted a surprise party.

Blazer: Banana Republic

Tank: Forever 21

Jeans: Gap

Heels: Target

Headband: Forever 21

Earrings: Birthday gift!

Happy Birthday from Anthropologie

May 14, 2010

This was a cute little surprise!  As a birthday gift Anthropologie is sending out these cute little birthday candle necklaces with a 15% off coupon card.

As adorable as the idea of this little candle necklace I must consider it a little craft challenge, since, alone, it looks a little to “feminine hygiene.”  I may add some vintage broaches to the cord or just cut it and integrate the candle in a beaded necklace.  Still super cute, maybe I could dye to cord sky blue or something!

The Great Unveiling! How to Splurge without Spending

May 12, 2010

I know I am such a tease.  As one of my first posts ever on Lowbrow Style, I decided I was going to reward myself when I finished school.  Being married to an accountant, he likes A LOT of notice if I am going to spend any amount of money outside of my monthly budget, we do this about once a year.  I originally just wanted to buy a bonkers pair of shoes and just look at them, them I got the idea in my head that I wanted something that would get better the more I wore it.  I really wanted a nice, modern, leather jacket:

I was having a little camera trouble since it was overcast yesterday, so I wish these pictures were a little better.

Any-woo! So in my “search” we went to Nordstrom, they only had one Vince leather jacket that wasn’t my size and was $700, which I would feel too guilty spending.  I headed to Loft after seeing some coveted pieces on some of my favorite bloggers, but not really thinking they would have what I was looking for, but just to pop in.  Well they had this beauty.  Originally priced at around $250, and well worth it for the soft, buttery leather that would rival any high end brand and the cut is so unique, but it was marked down to $159, steal!  I also grabbed this AMAZING little headband near the register, also on sale.  Here is the kicker! Every thing in the store was 50% off that day, I paid $79 for this leather jacket.

We budgeted for a $500 purchase.  With the headband I spent under $90, I am so relieved because the thought was going through my mind: I shouldn’t be blowing money, I have a baby, this should be in her college fund.  I understand we all need treats to maintain our sanity, and I can spend money when I have it, when we are a little more secure.  I will certainly be heading back to Loft for future shopping, especially those sales!

Leather Jacket: Loft $79

Headband: Loft $10

Chiffon Dress/Top: H&M $40

Pants: J. Crew Minnie $79

Shoes: Steve Madden $?